The journey to document stories, people, and history behind Memphis Type for our upcoming book

Headlines for Memphis Type

Making headlines in search of real Memphis stories for this crazy little book we’re working on.

Memphis Type Skateland

This time the story’s by Andy Meek and it’s accompanied by a great photo of Rebecca at work by Andrew Breig. Enjoy “Signs of the Times” in the Memphis Daily News now!

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4 comments on “Headlines for Memphis Type

  1. Jimmy
    April 3, 2014

    He beat the crap of of me, bit me a few times, and even hit me on the head with a wrench. Beverly would laugh when I would come in the door of the rink and that chimp would run and grab me and throw me on the ground. We taught him to skate with pulling him with a rope. The chimps name was bobo, after we taught him to skate, he was at liberty land doing shows for a short period of time, I will never forget him, I know Leo , Beverly , Katy , David and Peter and Paul since 1968, there is a bunch of stories that I know, sock hop late at night, private parties, not many friends have stayed together for 46 years . Great people, and who can say they taught a chimp to skate.

  2. Jimmy davenport
    April 3, 2014

    When the cotton carnival was on riverside, the skatekand guys would be pulled on skates behind the floats and motorcycles we were throwing candy and beads to the crowds going down riverside dr

  3. Jimmy davenport
    April 3, 2014

    If you remember rick dees the DJ, the first place that disco duck was played was at skateland,

  4. Robert
    May 16, 2014

    If your reference to the 80-year old skating teacher is Caroline Mirelli you may want to go back and interview her … she is a legend and very nice. The Moyes are also well known. If anyone is not sure what to do with the history items please consider the Museum of Roller Skating as they will take perfect care. Posting any photos is also welcome. I can be contacted if you have any questions as to how to contact the museum or to contact Caroline. Thanks for your post.

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