The journey to document stories, people, and history behind Memphis Type for our upcoming book

The Artsyness of It All

Here’s all you need to know to happily peruse all the photographs and paintings that inspired the upcoming Memphis Type book. Find all of Jeremy Greene’s photos at Check … Continue reading

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Share Your Story

We want to include YOUR stories in the Memphis Type history book. If you have a connection to any of the places below, please get in touch. It doesn’t matter … Continue reading

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Sears Crosstown Part 3: The Machinery Room

In case you’re just now joining our tour, here’s what we’ve already explored: Sears Crosstown Part 1: An Intro to the Tour Sears Crosstown Part 2: We’ve Entered the Building … Continue reading

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Sears Crosstown Part 2: We’ve Entered the Building…

It’s the post you’ve eagerly been waiting for where we take you along on one of the last tours of the Sears Crosstown building. If you haven’t been waiting eagerly … Continue reading

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Joe’s Mixology

  mix•ol•o•gist [mik-sol-uh-jist] noun a person skilled in making mixed drinks; bartender. Though there is some hesitancy in dubbing a mixologist the same as a bartender. A bartender is expected to know … Continue reading

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Summer Drive-In

As a sales manager for his father’s company, Whiz Auto Products, Richard Hollingshead understood the automobile and society’s love for this personal machine. He also understood a large lady like … Continue reading

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Sears Crosstown Part 1: An Intro to the Tour

The Sears Crosstown building sits recognizably vacant and lonely at the intersection of Cleveland and North Parkway. If today this building, which measures at 1.5 million square feet or the … Continue reading

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My Trip To Casey’s

“Lute Casey was my great uncle. I never met him. His sister, Pearl Casey Leach, owned a hotel downtown, the Plaza Hotel. Also part owner of the Winona hotel, later … Continue reading

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Libertyland: Memphis’ Amusement Park

I’m pleased to bring you a guest post by John Stevenson on Libertyland today. Even if you spent your childhood at the park, this post is sure to bring back … Continue reading

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Roller Skating Down Memory Lane

I had the privilege of meeting the family and staff who run Skateland Raleigh, East End, and Cordova Skating Centers. The goal was to discover if and how Skateland Raleigh … Continue reading

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Tennessee Brewery Past and Present

brew•er•y [broo-uh-ree, broo r-ee] noun, plural brew•er•ies. a building or establishment for brewing beer or other malt liquors,  especially the building where the brewing is done. Brewhouse (late 14c.) was the more common word through 18c. Undoubtedly, the most historically famous brewery in Memphis is the Tennessee Brewery. Though it is no longer in operation, the … Continue reading

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The Mall of Murder? Really?

Though I have lived in Memphis for a good many years, I was never present during the days when the Mall of Memphis was in operation. And every time someone … Continue reading

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